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Abhyanga-The traditional Ayurvedic massage done with herbalized   warm oil that is designed to improve circulation, calm the  nervous system, decrease dryness and combat the problems associated with aging. Can be done with one therapist or two.        

Garys hana-Dry brushing with raw silk gloves, usually given before abhyanga. This stimulates circulation and the lymphatic system and helps balance acidity in the body.    

Swedna-A steam bath(under a tent) where the head is kept cool during the steam, while the rest of the body is heated to remove toxins lodged deep within the tissues. This is a very cleansing treatment done traditionally in the Fall and Spring. It is combined with an abhyanga for a deeper treatment. 

Shirodhara- The pouring of warm, herbalized oil over the forehead.  This treatment synchronizes brain waves and calms the mind, body and spirit. This benefits those who have insomnia, ringing in the ears,and people who have a busy mind that needs to be turned off for a while.  Done with a head, neck and shoulder massage  

Nasya-A head, neck and shoulder massage, steam for head and sinuses and then medicated drops are put in the nasal openings to clear sinuses.  


Ayurvedic foot massage-  Done with herbalized warm oils and working marma points, similar to reflexology points on the feet.  

Four handed Abhyanga- The traditional ayurvedic massage done with 2 therapists. Very balancing and sedative.