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Indigo Yoga & Healing Center 

Indigo began more than 16 years ago with a passion to help people find health, balance and pain relief.  We are looking to help facilitate people's healing process, whether it is through our bodywork, on going classes or just a statement that we may say in passing, something that makes you think.  

When we work we offer more than a massage. We offer a healing session. Our intention is to help you balance and find a space for yourself where you can reconnect and unwind. Our goal is to have you feel like the pieces have been put back together and you can go out and do what is called of you in these changing times.

That said, we are skilled massage therapists with experience working at chiropractors as well as spas. We've worked with athletes, marathon runners and golfers who have said that their races and games were improved by our work. We have worked with those who sit too much, work too much and hold too much stress in their bodies. We've worked with elderly, people with MS, and people recovering from injuries. We've had great success with children, particularly those dealing with ADHD or other emotional issues. It is our belief that a lot can be released through the body.

Indigo director and massage therapist, Charity Benjamin (Ritscher) graduated from Smith College with her B.S. in psychology before beginning three years of travel. She led sea kayaking trips in Baja, Mexico, studied natural health from a Mayan woman in San Cristobal de las Casas, and helped establish a rainforest preserve in Costa Rica. She also worked as an au pair and volunteered at an orphanage in Morocco. Although immensely happy with her adventures she was ready to return to the US to help people at home. She found massage and fell in love with the work. You can feel her natural healing touch and loving presence as she works from her heart. She studied massage at the Amherst School of Massage Therapy and took additional Shiatsu training with Xiaqiang Zhao and Bobby Canton, Thai Massage with Brandt and Jaimie, and a year long energywork course with Devita Birdwell through Temple Academies. She has Usui and Angelic Reiki training with Dr. Michael Verrilli and her Reiki Master training with Nona Hatay.  She studied the mind/body connection with Joseph F. Brescia. She completed CranioSacral Therapy I and II through Upledger Institute, and Aromatherapy training with David Crow of Floracopia.  She completed her Herbal Apprenticeship with Goldthread Farm and studied with Chris Marano and many other herbalists. She has studied personal growth work with Jessie Ayani. She has studied pain neutrilization technique with Stephen Kaufman and LomiLomi Hawaiin Massage with Wayne Kealohi Powell. Charity completed her yoga teaching certificate through Karuna offers private yoga and group classes in her Ashfield Home Retreat Center.

Simone Rainaud has been working in the healing arts for over a decade. She began by earning her MA in Marriage and Family Therapy from Antioch University in 2008. Shortly after, she decided to continue her education and expand her repertoire of tools when she enrolled in the Easthampton Massage School.  Simone has been working at Indigo since her graduation in 2011, where she practices psychotherapy, massage and energy work.

Simone offers psychotherapy to individuals, couples, families and children, and works from a systemic perspective. She recently trained in Accelerated Resolution Therapy, a brief, evidenced-based therapy used for treating trauma, anxiety, depression and a number of other conditions. Results can typically be seen in 1-5 sessions.

Additionally, she practices massage therapy that incorporates elements of Deep Tissue, Swedish, Shiatsu, Myofascial Release, and Trigger Point Therapy.  Most recently, Simone has completed a training in Temple Style Lomi Lomi, a spiritual massage using long wave-like strokes to clear away negative energy. 

Simone loves learning and continues to advance her education in the healing arts to offer clients an array of services to meet their needs, including Reiki and Energy Balancing. Simone cares deeply for her clients and loves her work.



Martin Benjamin offers acupuncture, Nuerokinetic Therapy and PDTR in his Northampton and Ashfield offices.  He brings many years of experience and a passion for exploring how the body works and how he can help it.  He specializes in working with compensation patterns in the body and has amazing success helping people get out of pain.

Dr. Bonnie has 20 years experience as a surgeon, instructor, counselor and health care provider.  She begins her consultations by listening to your concerns and offering education that can help you learn more about your body, lifestyle and nutrition.  She blends her knowledge with gentle hands on techniques such as advanced craniosacral, osteopathy and homeopathy and offers grounded suggestions that support your healing process for a change that you can really feel.