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Contact us if you would like to bring a public class or private event to Indigo.  We are happy to be able to rent space for community events.

Come relax deeply with Restorative Yoga with Massage, Sundays at 11. This class has limited space so please sign up soon!  If you have a small group that would like a private class we are happy to accommodate. 

Tuesdays at 7:  Gentle Yoga with Danielle Tait.  Sign up for a Series or Drop in if space is available.

Wednesdays:  Breath meditation with Jessie at 6 first and third week and Group Healing with Deborah Wilson second and fourth weeks at 7.  Too really sweet ways at accessing your own deep healing. (more info below)

COMING SOON!  Sound Meditation at Indigo.  Join Marcus Thursdays at 7 beginning October 12 and 26. Kirtan with the Seven Sisters will continue to happen the first Thursday of the month.

Thursday October 19 6-7:30 Herbs for Pregnancy & Postpartum with Virginia Ahearn.  by donation!

Saturday October 21, 2-5:30  Herbal Practices for these times with Tonya Lemos.  $35

Yoga in the Orchard ~ Sundays at 10 

Join me at Park Hill Orchard in Easthampton Sundays at 10 during the apple picking season.  This class only happens in good weather.  So come out and enjoy being in one of the most beautiful places in the valley!  This class is for all ages and all levels.  Its about exploring your internal and external environment in a way that helps bring you to the present.  And move in your body! Or just lie in Savasana and enjoy the views.  This is a no judgment class.  Suggested donation $10.

Don't like groups?  I am available for private yoga lessons, including yoga followed by massage.  It's a pretty awesome combo!
Breath!  Relaxing Breath Meditations will begin September 66-8 pm and be offered the first and third wednesdays of the month. $5-$10 suggested donation.

Finding the Deep River Within Workshop Series:
Recovering Balance and Meaning in Everyday Life 
(For women)
Dates TBA
We live in fast-paced, over-busy and distracted times. However, we don’t have to live at that pace. This 7-week program is based on Abby Seixas’ book, Finding the Deep River Within: A Woman’s Guide to Recovering Balance and Meaning in Everyday Life. It offers simple ways to access the resources of our deeper nature, the river within, for living a life that truly nurtures and satisfies. The practices will help you slow down, "reclaim your life from the tyranny of your to-do list", and restore the time and energy for what really matters to you.
Led by Carol Hetrick, Ed.M.
Fee: $265 (includes the book)

Ongoing 2nd and 4th Wednesdays 7 – 9 PM

We are all powerful radiant beings, each with an innate ability to heal, love, and facilitate miracles. This is the invitation. Let us come together, share a direct experience of our wholeness, and heal ourselves and the greater whole.

Deborah Wilson will be your guide and facilitator, utilizing a process called Wholeness Energetics. She will co-create each session with Spirit and the group, using a general outline for each session that will include meditation, transformative exercises, and a collective healing. We will learn to perceive life from the perspective of our divine selves, and to remove blocks to this greater awareness and to realizing our heart’s goals. We will become empowered to step into our magnificence, live in expanded consciousness, and make a difference in our lives and in the world.
Drop in; No preregistration required.
$25 session fee, pay at the door or online (click below).

Lomilomi Massage training
Our next class is forming so please contact us if you are looking to learn Hawaiian Massage and Healing.  No experience necessary.  Curious?  Book a session to experience deep healing for yourself!


Little Roots Music Class, Thursdays and Fridays in the Fall
Little Roots is an enriching and engaging community music experience for the young child and their caregiver. This is your little one’s introduction to the joy of music. As professional musicians and educators, Little Roots founders, Annie Stevenson and Maggie Shar, recognize the value of quality live music for people of all ages. Maggie and Annie strive to create a warm, supportive, loving musical atmosphere. 

Wholeness Energetics: Group Healing with Deborah P. Wilson

Second and fourth Wednesdays   $25
With one simple tool you can:Take charge of your health, Build healthy harmonious sustaining relationships, Make life decisions and reach your goals with ease, creativity, and joy.  It is often the same thing that gets in the way of our health, fulfilling relationships, and achievement of our goals. Usually, it is our thoughts and feelings that exist in the subconscious, below our awareness, that influence us the most. It is these subconscious thoughts and feelings that can get in our way. However, it isn't a matter of simply changing our thoughts.  At our essence, we are whole, complete, and perfect. When we live from that place, we can access our intuition and knowing, we can enjoy natural states of health, vitality, and creativity, and we can express all of who we are, our authentic, expansive, and joyous self. Join us and learn this simple effective tool that can assist you in expanding your awareness, uncovering subconscious thoughts and beliefs, and radically shifting your perception. In essence, this tool will assist you in operating from and embodying your true self. 

NEW at Indigo!  Flower CSA from Gloriosa & Co. Receive beautifully crafted bouquets of local flowers each week.  Learn more at


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Private Yoga sessions available by appointment.  We will be offering outdoor yoga during the summer and Restorative Yoga during the winter.  Please contact us if interested.

Stay tuned (or contact us at 413.584.9993) for a Fall Tuesday evening Yoga classes. 6:30-7:45


Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage 5 day Training in Ashfield in April.  Contact us right away for info.

Temple style Lomilomi is a sacred dance with Spirit. The wavelike, rhythmic strokes of a Temple style Lomilomi session invites your receiver into a trance like state where profound healing can occur. It is a Shamanic journey through bodywork.  
Utilizing mainly the forearms, the techniques are intended to clear the body of heavy, stuck energy; opening energy channels and the connection to your Higher Self. Conscious breath, of both giver and receiver, activates the cellular structure of the body, releasing held tension, memories and trauma, thus, creating freedom. Temple style Lomilomi will take your practice as a healer to the next level.

During this 5 day training you will learn:
~ A full body routine based around wave like strokes that move in an uninterrupted flow.
~ A “dance” step called Kalele that will allow you to float around the massage table with grace.
~ A Hawaiian chant that will open each session to the potential of miracles.
~ The power of ‘HA’ breath to create dynamic change.
~ Hawaiian philosophy in application to Lomilomi sessions.
~ Creating a sacred space through ritual and prayer
~ Cultivate trust in your intuition

This training will be ftaught by Bethany Boulger. Read about Bethany at 

We are so blessed to be hosted by Charity Ritscher at her lovely retreat home. Housing is available on-site for out of town students.  

This 5 day training is $495. Payment Plans are available, make (3) installations of $165

Please feel free to contact Bethany with any questions at or 802-430-1799

  • Massage, Lomilomi Hawaiian Massage, Aromatherapy, Thai Massage and Yoga Therapy available by appointment.
    Call 413.584.9993


Future Workshops, contact us if you are interested:

“Becoming Who You Are Workshop”

My grandfather used to speak of a time when all of creation lived in balance and harmony with each other, living a life of abundance, happiness and prosperity. Something happened; something changed. Now people seem to walk in a constant state of fear -- fear of finances, health, being stuck with no way out. This does not have to be...wouldn't it be nice to experience joy, prosperity and abundance in every aspect of your life? Wouldn't it be wonderful to reclaim your true self and know what your purpose is in this universe? Would you like to grow in your connection to all of creation? I come to share with you how to heal heart, mind, body and spirit; to help you understand the true creative force within you; to help you create the life you have always wanted to experience.

To facilitate this I offer a three-day workshop at different places around the country.

This three-module course provides the student with a firm foundation and understanding of Native American Medicine Wheel teachings, the power of the Four Elements and the Four Lakota Virtues. Through the understanding of traditional ways, the student will be able to apply these principles to bodywork in any healing environment to facilitate growth of heart, mind, body and spirit within themselves and their client. In this course the student will learn the power of their own thoughts and emotions, and how this understanding plays a major role in allowing the student to become a vessel through which healing power is dispersed. Students who participate in this program will learn how to create the life experiences they have always desired and be able to assist others in doing the same.  

Students will also learn:

  • The relationship between mental and emotional issues and how they manifest within the physical body.

  • Fundamental bodywork techniques for emotional and physical release (releasing those emotions that no longer serve you or your client).

  • Meditation techniques for personal and professional use to prepare client for bodywork to follow.  

  Meditation techniques include:

-Quieting the mind and breathing techniques

-Cleansing and refilling heart, mind, body and spirit

-Distribution of healing energy

-Importance of “listening” and not speaking.

  • Less is more... compassionate detachment.

  • “Tools” to create the professional practice and life experience one has always desired as well as help clients to achieve the same results.

  • Self-care for students and after-care for clients.

This program is designed to allow you, the student to become who you truly are in all aspects of your life and in the vastness of creation. You will learn how traditional teachings and living within natural law, will allow you to create abundance and prosperity in every aspect of your life while helping others (clients) to do the same. The “Becoming Who You Are” program teaches this and so much more. This is truly a life-changing experience and you will have the “tools” needed to continue to build upon these teachings each and every day.

Total program is 20 hours divided into three modules. Modules I & II are 6-hour courses. Module III is an 8-hour course. It is highly recommended that the student attend modules I & II before taking module III but it is not mandatory. All students are encouraged to bring pen and paper, blanket and pillow or a massage table to class.  

This course is open to all massage therapists, healers of all modalities and individuals seeking to help themselves and others.  

*Massage therapists will learn a NCBTMB approved modality for a total of 20 CE's.


Pain Relief Special
Join us for a PAIN and INJURY RELIEF session with Marty and Charity.  Marty Benjamin will bring his skills as a Nuerokinetic Therapy Practitioner and Acupuncturist to offer hands on work to correct pain patterns.  The session will end with a relaxing restorative massage by Charity to help sooth your muscles and work out any remaining tension.  Sessions will be offered for only $95 (a $150+ value).  Call 413.584.9993 to schedule a session in Northampton or Ashfield.



Shiatsu and Qigong
Join Robert Canty as he shares his passion for shiatsu. We hope to meet every other week. This class will be shaped by your interests and your schedule so please contact us if you are interested.  Shiatsu draws extensively from the concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine and their belief in the movement of energy through specific pathways in the body called meridians or channels. Blockages in these pathways can result in both physical and emotional problems. The Shiatsu practitioner uses a variety of hand and body techniques, which we will practice in this class.  This class is open to anyone wishing to deepen their understanding of their body and their spiritual and emotional health as well as how to help others.
Contact us for the next class series.

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CANCELLATION POLICY:  All events cancel during bad weather.  Feel free to call 413.584.9993 to double check if you have questions or follow our events on Facebook (Indigo: Yoga, Massage and Community) for last minute information.


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