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Sign up for RESTORATIVE YOGA with MASSAGE and MARMA Therapy. Sundays 9-1030.  This class brings the benefits of yoga with the nurturance of massage and is a great affordable way to ad deep self care into your schedule.  Private classes are also available if you have a small group of family or friends ready to relax. $80 for a four week series. $25-40 drop in if space is available. 

SELF-LOVE: Food and Body as Doorway to Wholeness
Deborah Wilson, Assisted by Danielle Jordan
6 Week Series – Alternating Monday evenings
April 1 – June 10, 7 – 9 PM
45 Main Street, Florence, MA
$115 fee for series; register below

This series will empower you to transform your relationship to food, your body, and yourself. You will learn practices and techniques to discover and address subconscious patterns, change your perceptions, and access inner knowing. The format will include presentations, discussions, meditations, and cutting-edge soul counseling work. Open to shift your life in profound and surprising ways.

Danielle Jordan
, Wholeness Energetics Practitioner, creates a welcoming space for clients to transform their deepest beliefs, trust in their intuition, and remember their inherent wholeness. Having traversed the depths of her own healing process with food and body, she understands the pain of disconnection from Self. From this experience, Danielle brings to her work an abundance of heart-centeredness, wisdom, and skill.

  • Break free from barriers to fully loving and accepting yourself
  • Make decisions from inner knowing rather than habitual patterns
  • Redefine the role of food/body to become your most magnificent self. 
Qi Kung with Brice Wilson. Alternating Mondays at 7
Neidan practices are specific qigong techniques that develop the internal structure necessary to safely accumulate and store vital life force energy (qi). Vitality then obtained through energizing activities like yoga, tai chi, dance, etc, rather than quickly dissipating, remains available to support health and fitness - physically, emotionally and cognitively. These exercises teach the connection between specific emotions and their associated physical components - muscles and organs, and also their associated mental constructs - underlying attitudes or beliefs. The process of improving health and fitness is thus triangulated through practice, with each of the three main aspects of human identity addressed and nourished as an essential part of the whole being.

Soul Centering with Diana Bella. Second tuesdays, 5:30-7

Individual sessions and groups to help illuminate your souls purpose and realize your unique mission here on Earth*. Teachings on how to move from the psychological to the soul level

*. How to embody spiritual  light and transmute energies of separation and opposition *. How to be in greater soul alignment and integration on the physical,  etheric (energy), emotional, mental and spiritual levels*Have greater access to soul level creativity and wisdom *Harmonize with others and the world for greater effectiveness and more profound service. 


GROUP HEALING with Deborah Plant Wilson.  7 pm. Second & Fourth Wednesdays. ONGOING 2ND & 4TH WEDNESDAYS! Join us for a group healing, where we all receive healing and participate in the healing work. Each week we will explore a different theme related to energy healing. Learn to perceive the energy field, access information from the field (the subconscious), and direct energy for healing and transformation. Deepen your intuition, acquire skills for healing self and others, and open a direct experience of your wholeness.

Drop in; No preregistration required.

1st person $25 session fee, 2nd person FREE 

First Wednesdays. 6-7:30 FREE HERBAL WORKSHOPS with Virginia Ahearn (topics are posted on Facebook - Indigo Wholistic Healing Center). Donations welcome. 

Second Fridays.  7 pm. SOUND MEDITATION with Marcus. Come for a deeply immersive and relaxing evening of Himalayan Bowls, bells and the Gong.


RELATIONSHIP WORKSHOP. dates tba @Tulsi Rose in Ashfield. Relationships can be a very catalyzing and empowering path of growth. The workshop will assist you to navigate all your relationships, whether romantic, platonic, or familial. 

Voila Method April 27-28 @ Tulsi Rose in Ashfield.