Indigo Wholistic Healing Center
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Do you feel like you are constantly struggling in your life? Would you like to feel better about yourself, your relationships and your life? Are you looking for an opportunity to make positive changes? Maybe you feel like you just need someone to talk to? Or are you a parent? Is your child struggling with behavioral or emotional difficulties? Are there problems at school? Would you like to find help for your child and relief for yourself in dealing with these issues?

Choosing to see a therapist or counselor can be one of the most powerful and loving things you will ever do for yourself or your child.

At Indigo we provide counseling and psychotherapy in a holistic way drawing from a wide variety of therapies and approaches depending on your particular needs. We create a space that is supportive, compassionate, and accepting within the positive healing environment of Indigo Massage Healing Center.

We believe that change is possible. In fact, we would say that change is certain. Whether young or old, we believe that we all have within us the power to bring forth positive change for ourselves and for those around us, and to create a life that we love.