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Are you looking for more balance, freedom, and well-being in your body, and in your life? Thai Yoga Bodywork is a relaxing, therapeutic, holistic healing art that gets your body effortlessly moving, softening, and opening. Feel nurtured and safe as you lay, fully clothed, on a soft mat. Your limbs will be gently moved and rocked, mindfully stretched in positions similar to simple yoga poses, and kneaded and compressed along main energy lines. 


Regular sessions can greatly improve your quality of life:

-increase flexibility and range of motion

-decrease muscle and joint pain, stiffness and constriction

-increase overall sense of well-being and aliveness

-decrease stress

-receive support in shifting old mental/emotional patterns

-increase circulation

-release toxins

-keep things moving and flowing in your body, and in your life!



What is energy?


Thai massage and Reiki both work with the subtle energy system of the body, called chi, prana, or simply energy, by many healing systems throughout the world. Some people have a sense of this energy moving in their bodies, and the way it interacts with their breath, emotions, and thoughts. Some have yet to discover it. Either way, this work will be beneficial and enjoyable to you, since it simultaneously brings ease, freedom, and well-being to the body, mind, and spirit.



How does Thai Yoga Bodywork work?


As you may know, the entire body is wrapped in a web of connective tissue called fascia, which sheaths every muscle bundle, and forms the tendons and ligaments. This is why anything that is done to one part of the body effects the whole musculo-fascial system. This fascia is a very interesting substance, which can range in consistency from soft and pliable to stuck and hard, depending on what conditions it is under. The benefit of Thai massage is that it incorporates gentle, rhythmic motions that can soften and loosen the fascial web, at the same time that it stretches and kneads a particular muscle group. This can be very effective in relieving tight, painful areas with a surprisingly gentle and easeful maneuver. Meanwhile, there is an intention of freeing up any energy that has been blocked or stagnant in the area. If you're not that flexible, have no worries: when  move the limbs, we have no expectation of how far the stretch will go; our intention is to explore and support your natural range of motion, bringing a sense of grace, ease, and freedom into your body.